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Last Day in NJ

Last night my co-worker Michelle and I went to explore the area around the hotel the company has had us staying in. There's an interesting Chinese restaurant I don't think we'll ever eat at. But hey, we got a neat photo of her at the statue in front.

Now, as for the hotel itself, strike three, it's out. I went ahead and posted a 2 star review on it about how the maid service has failed. 

Today is the final day of my stay in New Jersey. I cannot say that my stay here was positive nor productive. I'm not at liberty to discuss the business specifics of my trip, just that I'm going to be very, very glad to be home.

Some observations in general: 90% of the people I've encountered do not fall into the New Jersey cliche; that annoying accent is only held by a small fraction of population that I've encountered in the ares in which I've worked. Most people are courteous, sensible, and well-informed.

My conclusion is that there are assholes everywhere, regardless of where you are. 

Now then! Tomorrow I get on a plane; we'll be taking off at noon. More from the airport, tomorrow. More Skyrim soon.