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Snow Sucks, news at 11

As a child I loved snow. It was amazing fun to play in it, even if it was freezing cold and wet. Nowadays as an adult, the whole concept of snow has been distilled down to: will this cause delays getting from point A to point B? Will it prohibit my travel? How do I feel about the increased risk of a traffic accident?

All in all it's pretty shitty. I took a break near the end of the day and saw the snow flying sideways. That was cute, but of course it had a bone-chilling wind accompanying it that made my coat feel like it was made of paper.

In general a whole nother host of issues come up with the snow, such as frozen windshield wipers and more. I never know when I step somewhere, am I going to step on ice, slip, and land in the snow?

Oh, what I wouldn't give to be able to enjoy the snow like a child once again. No time for snow men, no opportunity for snowball fights. It's rare I miss aspects of my youth.