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Where have all the dreamers gone?

I find ambition it required part of everyday life. Goals give my life meaning, even if they aren't attainable. They are within them the embodiment of hope for the future.
I recently asked people, what is your passion? If you were able to do anything, absolutely anything for a living, what would it be?
The answers I got were very irritating, they range from I don't know to I don't have any.

There's anything wrong with people, who are happy with their current life, however stagnation is the enemy of advancement. Complacency is the enemy of a fresh mind. People should be hungry, not for food but rather for experiences, for the future.
If you ask a child, what do you want to be when you grow up, he's going to give you the kind of answers that I want to hear. True dreams, straight from the heart. It doesn't matter if they're obtainable or not, it doesn't matter if you failed to reach them, they exist within you they enrich you and make you greater the person you are in the flesh. You are only as limited as your vision, for where there's a will there's a way.

So I'm going to share my goals right now, before this year 2014 is over, I will have completed the first book in what will be 15 books. Will it be published? I can't tell you that. Will be successful? I can't tell you that either! What I can tell you, is that my vision will be given form. Now is that forms to be refined, and subject to editing and such prior to its release, so be it!

And you know what else, I'm not going to stop there; because, successful or not, there will be the next book, and the next book until my vision is complete. I don't care if only a handful ever read it, it will be made.
I have outlines, character descriptions, and setting placements, world maps, glossaries, and more all ready.
You'll see the first of many expositions later, but I've resolved undertake this sooner rather than later and all other things in my life, save my lovely wife Kristi be damned.

Expect to see a similar article on YouTube, in the form of the video log presentation coming later this week.