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Skyrim Build - Arcane Archer (Fudgemuppet Build - Modified)

 Build Name: Arcane Archer
Race: Breaton
Gear: Robes of Conjuration, no armor.
Skills: Conjuration (Bound Bow Only), Alchemy
Special Powers: Arcane Archery (Releases Powers Magic from the Bound Bow)

Perks to Get:

Enchanting: Arcane Archery, Echanted Quiver 1, 2 & 3
Conjuration: Apprentice, Chaotic Binding 1&2
Destruction: Novice, Ambitious Methods
Sneak: Muffled Movement, Shadowbound 1&2
Alchemy: Prodigy: The Tinkerer, Elemental Bombard, Poison Burst
Ranged Weaponry: (Left Branch up to) Takedown 1&2, Mastery: Skillshot

Original Roleplay Build Video:


Build Mods
This list will not be final until the Build Video has been published. Intresting NPCs Amazing Follower Tweaks Stupid Anime Hair Stupid Anime Hair on ALL NPCs Jaxonz Smart Looter Birds of Skyrim Harvest Overhaul Skybirds Floating Healthbars College of Winterhold Imersive First Person View Ihud Iactivate Morehud NPCs Racials Blocksteal Redux Jaxonz Renamer No Boring Sleep/Wait Menu No Glow with Armor Spells Pick Up The Bones Pretty Jump Animations (Plugin 2) Pretty Staff and Cast Animations Proper Aiming Racemenu Safety Load Skytweek SMIM Wearable Lanterns True Bound Armors

Adventures Falskaar Wyrmstooth

Spring Overhaul for Skyrim (NOT to be confused with LOL@LORE Tropical Skyrim)

Plan Out Your Perk Progression here: