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Skyrim Build: Synod Artificer

Character Mechanics Concept: No Magicka, can't cast spells normally, uses staffs, traps, and other gadgets to get her way.

Synod Artificer
Race: Imperial
Class: Mage (No Armor, No Weapons other than bound)
How she works: 
  1. NO MAGICKA - Can't cast Spells.
  2. Staffs Regenerate their charge over time and by waiting.
  3. Magic Skills go up by using Staffs.
  4. Can use Alchemy ANYWHERE ANYTIME.
  5. Can write scrolls ANYWHERE, ANYTIME to cast what staffs can't, scrolls are consumed.
  6. Can Craft Staffs at a STAFF ENCHANTER at any of the main holds.
  7. Even though she cannot cast spells normally, she must LEARN the spells in order to craft them into Staffs or Scrolls.
  8. Spider Companion, holds loot, acts as a tank, it can be knocked out but not killed.

Warning, this list of mods may or may not be stable. These are simply the mods that I started testing with, This list will NOT be kept up to date., and even when this list is updated, until finalized in the form of a video it's subject to change, even during a Live-Stream.

Build Requirements
  • Perkus Maximus - Revamps all the talents, allows Staff/Scroll crafting.
  • Patches (Fix all your mods)
  • SPERG Will allow her to raise her magical skill by USING staffs, allows the Spider best friend.
    • This is important, place sperg near the TOP of your load order, so Perkus Maximus OVERWRITES most of it's functions. LOOT WILL SORT THIS PLUGIN WRONG.
    • Make sure to DISABLE Auto-Perk, ENABLE Refund Auto-Perk, DISABLE Perk Reset Penalty, Enable Comparability Mode for Quests, 
  • Scroll and Quill Adds new ways to craft Ink, allows your enchanting to go up from crafting Scrolls.
    • Be sure to download the PERMA version.
  • Apocalypse The Magic of Skyrim - (More Spells, Unique, Compatible, and Balanced.)
  • Enchant Staff Recharging -
    • Set to 1000 points per day. Set Skill Multiplier to x10
  • Harvest Overhaul - You get a more balanced amount of herbs per plant based on the plant type, it does more and more.
    • Be sure to enable Creature Loot on the mod configuration Menu.
    • Be sure to enable all recipies on the creature MCM, ESPECIALLY Scroll-crafting recipes.
  • Flora Respawn Fix A lot of Skyrim's plants don't respawn every time they should, this fixes that.
    • Be sure to get the Harvest Overhaul version.
  • SoulGem Crafting - Created FOR THIS BUILD by Zampp, Thanks a lot!
    • (It creates a soulgem forge near Whiterun, at the Lunar Forge, where you can combine 4 of a lesser soulgem into one of a higher rank. This build requires lots of Uncharged Common Soulgems, so we combine pretty and lessers into them.)
  • Synod Artificer Plugin Created FOR THIS BUILD by Zampp, Thanks again!
    • 3 of any mountain flower type can become Ink for crafting Scrolls. 1 Firewood can become 1 paper. Ink and Paper weigh less. Load this near the bottom of the load order, above Patchus Maximus.


Character Apperence

World Overhauls

Difficulty Mods

Other Mods Used

Programs used

Mod Organizer - (It's better than Nexus Mod Manager and I explain why in this video)

LOOT - (This will sort the order of your plugins to avoid conflicts, crashes, and other issues. MO has an older verison of this, use the newest version THROUGH mod organizer.)

Skyrim Script Extender - (To make these mods work, you run this instead of skyrim THROUGH mod organizer)