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Skyrim Build: Bonelord of Worms

Race: Breaton
Class: Mage
How he works: 
1 - Uses Curses, Diseases, and Void Magic to kill enemies -- no weapons unless a certain effect is required.
2 - Skins enemies for their bones.
3 - Animates the bones to fight for him.
4 - Will eventually do the Undeath quest line and gain a Lich transformation, Lich is instead of Vampire or Werewolf. Must take the Dawnguard side during Dawnguard as being a Lich Vampire is buggy as all hell, which one is overwriting the other will flip-flop causing a broken experience.

Required Overhaul:

  • Perkus Maximus - for the Bone wing of the Conjuration Tree, as well as the Death Side of Restoration. 
    • There are plenty of other good overhauls for Necromancy such as REQUIEM combined with Corpse Perpetration, however for the BONELORD there is no better overhaul. 
    • Also be sure to pick up the "TRUE-Lockpicking" fix on the same page.
  • Compatibility Patches look over the list carefully. 
    • Make sure check Forgotten Magic Redone and ANY others being used.
    • If you use the Community Uncapper, having that Uncapper INI checked is REQUIRED.
Required Spells and Powers:
  • Forgotten Magic: Redone - The Foundation for all of the starting powers the Bonelord has, this will allow his Void, death, curse, and disease magics to level up with him.
    • Make sure to on the Compatibility Patches for PERMA, select the Forgotten Magic checkbox.
  • Apocalypse Magic of Skyrim All kinds of summoning, curses, and other things that you WILL be getting later come from this.
    • Make sure to pick up the PERMA Patch on the download page.
Required Adventure Mods:
  • Alternate Start - Live Another Life - Gives you the "Necromancer" start, which will give you a small playerhome inside BLACKREACH. Recommended you start on a low difficulty until you get out of there.
  • Undeath - This adds hours of Necromancy to your game, including 2 lairs, "The Broker" who is a necromancy vendor for you, and a questline that if done properly will give you the Lich transformation that you will use instead of Vampire Lord or Werewolf.
    • If you become a Werewolf or Vampire, transforming back into your "true form" which is the Lich transformation will cure you of these afflictions.
      • For that reason you should side with the Dawnguard.
      • For that reason if you want to do the Companions, you should do it BEFORE gaining this form.
    • Making the "wrong" choices during the questline may prevent you from becoming a Lich.
      • Performing the ritual wrong will outright kill you.
    • If your playing a good character, this mod is still HIGHLY recommended as you can kill "The Broker", purge the Necromancer's Lairs, and destory the Coven's evil magics once and for all.

Required Foundation Mods:

Recommended Supplement Mods

Optional Difficulty Mods:

Extra UI mods Used:

Other Mods Used In the Livestream
not necessarily recommended:

NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL, but used on the Livestream: