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Skyrim Build - Knight of the Dragon

Race: Nord
Origin: High Rock
Combat Style: 2H Weapons Only + Shouts, Werewolf allowed.
Bow ONLY for flying enemies.
Allowed Equipment: Heavy Armor/Jewelry Only
Forbidden From Using: Alchemy, Spells. 
Starting Equipment: Blades Armor, Iron Broadsword. Will upgrade both armor and weapons.
Starting Powers: Draconic Aspect Flight Form (10 min duration, 1 day cooldown) Requires 3 Dragon Souls to unlock.

Build Mods

Perkus Maximus -
Individualized Shout Cooldowns -
Lock Overhaul -
More Draconic Dragon Aspect -
Animated Dragon Wings -
Flying Mod -
Fores New Idles in Skyrim FNIS -
Imperious Races of Skyrim -
Thunderchild Epic Shouts -
Aurora Standing Stone Powers -

Werewolf Overhaul


Cloaks of Skyrim -
Winter is Coming Cloaks -
Interesting NPCs -
Inconsquental NPCs -
Skytweak -
Lore Friendly Hair -
Better Males - (Use the underwear enabled one combined with the young face plugin)\
Blocksteal Redux - Prevents accidental Theft
VictoriaG Load Screens 2 -
More Dramatic Alduin Retexture -

Difficulty Mods
Deadly Dragons -
Dragon Combat Overhaul -
World Eater Beater - (Makes Alduin WORTHY of being the final boss of the ENTIRE GAME)
Organized Bandits in Skyrim -

World Mods

CITY of Falkreath -
Legendary Cities - (Cities removed form ES1 Arena are back in Skyrim again)
Oakwood - (A small village removed from Skyrim that was in ES1 is back)
Laintar Dale - (another small village that was removed from Skyrim is back)

Other Mods Used