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Modlist: Fizzan Mororwind Run for OpenMW 0.47 (2022)


Fizzan of Arkcart is a sub-optimal build I created for Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind for the purpose of exploring some of the changes to Morrowind Rebirth among other plugins running on OpenMW 0.47, which is the latest sable release, noting that 0.48 is available for testing at this time, but more than one mod I'd like to use simply won't work with it for now.

The Fizzan build emphasizes being a Thief first and foremost, but also minors in several schools of magic and alchemy. The purpose of his character is he calls himself a Hedge Wizard, which is in Fantasy, a self-taught Wizard not formally schooled, but in reality he's a Thief first and Wizard distant second... or not at all. So that said, his weapon of choice is a knife, and not a staff.


Open Source Morrowind Engine -

Official Plugins -

Unofficial Patch for Official Plugins -

Expansion Start Delay -

OpenMW Animated Containers -

Graphic Herbalism -

Make Anyone a Follower Mod -

Magcika Regen -

Natural Growth and Decay -

Tomb of the Snow Prince -

Weapon Shething -

Alternate Morrowind Intro -

Alternate Morrowind Title -

Morrowind Advanced (Load Early, let TR/Rebirth overwrite) -

Wyrmhaven -

Battlespire -

Province Cyrodiil -

Skyrim Home of the Nords -

Religions Enhanced -

Imperial Factions -

Imperial Legion Expansion -

Census and Excise Faction -

Magical Missions -

Bounty Hunters -

Welcome to the Arena -

Welcome to the Arena OpenMW -

#NotAllDunmer -

Multi Mark and Recall -

Speed and Stamina -

Clear your name -

Time Change Scale -

Increased Carryweight -

100% projectile Store Chance -

Less Generic NPCs Dialogue Only Merged -

Better Factor’s Estate -

Better Sounds and Patch 1 -

Better Sounds Patch 2 -

Better Sounds Patch 3 -

Whestly’s Heads -

Hair Fix -

Khajit Head Pack -

Preserving Fargoth -

Lava Replacer -

Textures Enhanced -

Smoothed Meshes -

Shacks docks Ships -

Imperial Housing and Forts -

Hlaalu -

Telvanni -

Daedric Ruins -

Redoran -

Velothi -

Landscape -

Better Bodies -
Better Clothes -
Better Clothes Vol1 -
Better Clothes Bloodmoon -
Better Armor -
High Res Better Clothes -
High Res Native Styles -
Divine Domina (overwrite better armor) -
Animation Compilation -
Ket's Potions -
Long Live the Plates -
Long Live the Limeware -
Long Live the Glassware -
Furniture Replacer -
Lantern Replacer -
Better Barnacles -
Saint Shrines -
Real Signposts -
Darknut's Better Creatures -
Better Almalexia -
Better Vivec  (Overwrite Darkut's Creatures)  -
Better Dagoth Ur (Overwrite Darkut's Creatures) -
Better Sounds:
Thieves Step -
Dagoth Gares Voice -
Lich Barilzar Voice -
Vivec Voice -
Vivec Voice OpenMW Patch -
Almalexia Voice -
Dagoth Ur Voice -
Fixing Dagoth Ur's Voice:

  • Install the mod.
  • Switch to the /Sound/Vo directory.
  • Create a new folder "Ur".
  • Switch to /Sound/Vo/D-Ur.
  • Move the file "A noble ambition.mp3" to the newly created "Ur" directory.