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Torchlight 1 Modlist For a Fun Alchemist Play-through


After Making Diablo 2's expansion pack, Blizzard North departed Blizzard Entertainment and turned Flagship Studios into a industry term, the failure of Hellgate London would be known for the next decade as being Flagshipped, which is unfortunate since the game had real potential lost within mediocre level design, as well as techincal and billing issues. After that, the remainder formed Runic and made Torchlight, a functional remake of Diablo 1, although trading the cold Gothic atmosphere for an upbeat fantasy adventure theme.

In Torchlight you delve into an Ember mine to find the ruins of many previous civilizations deep beneath the surface down to it's dark core where the source of Ember itself awaits, a corrupting evil that totally won't take control of the main character for the sequel.

Speaking of which, this a mod loadout not designed to make the game harder, but more fun. It's more or less the loadout I promoted 12 years ago, but with updated URLs and a couple mods switched out, although the new mods do the same things, just better.

Better Enchanting -