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Skyrim SE Test Mod Loadout for Vampire Play

This experimental Mod Loadout is bound to be revised eventually as more mods come out for the Skyrim SE. That said, I've wanted to do a playthrough like this for a while, and even though Trade and Barter isn't usable at this time, it's something I'd like to try regardless,

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Skyrim Special Edition Mods Update #3

Another few weeks means another load of mods converted or produced for the Skyrim Special Edition. At this point it's not quite far enough for me to start doing major plays on, but it's getting there.
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Skyrim Special Edition Mods Update #2

The Second Mod-List Update regarding Skyrim's Special Edition. Mods have come out that change the gaming landscape a little bit, although not quite to the satisfaction of the original game. Here are the updates:
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Fallout 4: War For the Commonwealth Mod List

The War of the Commonwealth Mod Loadout is designed specially to cater to an action-oriented style of play-through that forgoes a lot of things like Lockpicking and Hacking in favor of an all out war between the various factions where sneaking isn't just a good thing to have in the beginning. Anyway, check out the video below for more details. Yes, this includes a few lewd mods because I'm a pervert and I don't take Fallout 4 seriously.

Must Have Mods:

Fallout 4 Script Extender:
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch:
Enable Acheivements with Mods on:
Enable Command Console in Survival:
Unlimited Survival Activations:
Survival Options (load last):
Valdacil's Item Sorting:
Fallout Dialogue Interface:
Improved Map /w Visible Roads:
Better Wait Menu:
People Are Strangers:
Don’t Call Me Settler:
Wasteland Imports (Fallout 3/NV stuff):
Commonwealth Challanges:
The Collector’s Guides:
Unique Uniques:

War of the Commonwealth

Fallout 4 - Alternate Start

Quests & Content

Subway Runner:
Maxwell’s World:
Tales from the Commonwealth:

Expanded Abilities & Quality of Life:

Colorful Survival Icon:
Immersive Water Bottle Recycling:
Able to Lock Doors & Containers:
Faster Terminal Displays:

Game Overhauls and Rebalances:

Craftable Ammo:
Armor & Weapons Keyword Framework:
Armorsmith Extended (Get Extended & All DLCs Patch):
Cross Cosmetic Framework:
Cross Pre-War Cybernetics (Mini-Power Armor):
Cross Exo-Frame:
Cross Jet-Pack:
Durable Vertiberds:
Have Dogmeat /w a Follower:
Quiet Dogmeat Paws:
Configurable Power Armor Fusion Core Power Drain:
Perks Unleased:
Carryweight Modifications:
Companion Infinite Ammo & Unbrekalabe Power Armor:
Easier Lockpicking/Hacking:
No Companion Affinity Cooldown:
Unnaked Power Armor:
Vault 81 MoleRat Disease Immunity in Power-Armor:
Pre-War Safes Don’t have Post-War Weapons:

Settlement Mods:

Homemaker Settlement Objects Expanded:
Spring Cleaning:
Quiet Settlements:
More Guard Posts:
Immersive Travel:
Place Anywhere:

Graphics & Environment

True Storms:
Seasons of Fallout:
Elianora’s Faction Housing:
Enhanced Blood Textures:
Compact Jetpack:
Bobblegirl (Bobblehead Mod):
Ammo Rexture:
Bobbypin Retexture:
Bottle Label Overhaul:
Realstic Pre-War Money:
Weathered First-Aid Kits:
Retextured Chems:

Other, Misc, & Perverted Mods

Silent Protagnast:
Silent Player Atomatron:
Silent Player Far Harbor:
Silent Player Nuka World:
Better Male Chest:
Black Leather Armor for men:
CBBE Female Body Mod (Use Never-Nude Preset):
2pac’s CBBE Skimpy Armors:
CBBE’s Bodyslide Outfit Studio:
Customizable Leotard:
Mostly Female NPCs (Brotherhood Module):
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Skyrim SE - Video Update #1

I was going to get on a video here and tell you all about how I successfully played the Skyrim Special Edition version of Warzones for 20 hours with only 1 crash and how the Skyrim special edition has amazing stability. But honestly people have been reporting various issues since Bethesda’s too latest updates. So I’m going to hold back that general ringing and just say “it worked for me.”


The big news in the special edition is that a beta ENB has landed. 0.309, then updated to 0.310. This marks the beginning of being able to customize the visuals of Skyrim. Removing the color filter, things on that nature. And there are the usual stability benefits for using ENB overall. Users with less powerful PCs will want to go into the ENBlocal.ini file and turn speedhackwithoutgraphics to true so that they can get the benefits of ENB without the resource usage.

The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch -
Brawl Bugs Fix -
SkyUI -
Alternate Start - Live Another Life -
The Paarthurnax Dilemma -

Gameplay Overhaul
Races Overhaul -
Perks Overhaul -
Magic Overhgaul -
Combat Overhaul -
Standing Stones Overhaul -
Shouts Overhaul -

Survival Overhaul
Realstic Needs -
Campfire -
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Skyrim Mod Loadout for use with Special Edition Release

Started with
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch  -
Alternate Start - Live Another Life -
The Paarthurnax Dilemma
Even Better Quest Objectives
Enhanced Distant Terrain
Map Markers
Map Markers Dragonborn

Added Later
Main Menu -
NO Guard Herlmet -
Immersive Sounds -

Self-Ported Classic Skyrim Mods
(some NSFW, need to use non-nude versions)
Better Males Body -

Added Later
Campfire -
Ineed -
Static Mesh Improvement Mod -
Brawl Bugs Patch -
Thunderchild -
Wildcat -
Imperious -

Added Later
Aurora Standing Stones of Skyrim
2K Texture Pack -

Added Later
People are Strangers -
Better Vampires -
Falskaar -
Sneak Tools -
Instant Mining -
Run For Your Lives Dragon Attack -
When Vampires Attack -
Skyrim Flora Overhaul -
Expanded Carriage Service -
JK's Riverwood -
JK's Whiterun -

Added Later
Thives Guild Bounty Cleaner -
Morrowind Style Soul Gems -
W.A.T.E.R. -
True Storms -
Enhanced Blood Textures -

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Current Fallout 4 Mod Loadout

Fallout 4 Script Extender -
Fallout 4 Unofficial Patch -
Def UI -
Achievements -
Faster Terminal Displays -
Commonwealth Challenges -
Alternate Start: Another Life -

Immersive Water Bottle Recycling -
Crafting Ammo -

Full Dialogue Mod -
Silent Protagonist -
Silent Protagonist Automatron -
Silent Protagonist Far Harbor -
Silent Protagonist Vault Workshop -
Silent Protagonist Nuka World -
People are Strangers -

Enchaned Blood -
Don't Call me Settler -
Homemaker Settlements -
Power Lines -
Quieter Settlements -
Faction Housing Overhauls -
Spring Cleaning -

Dogmeat -
No Affinity Cooldown -
Companion Infinite Ammo -

Grasslands (Healthy)
Realistic Roads -

CBBE Body Mod -
Armor and Weapon Keywords -
Armorsmith Extended -
2pac4eva7's CBBE Replacers (don't get this) -
Abe's Honest Armor -
Mostly Female NPCs (Brotherhood Plugins) -
Cross Cybernetics -
Cross Exoframe -
Cross Jetpack -
Cross Cosmetic Framework -
Cross Glasses -
Configurable Fusion Core Drain -
Easier Hacking -
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OpenMW Modlist for 9/10/2016

Mod Loadout for Open Morrowind. Subject to extreme changes as time goes on.

Morrowind Game of the Year Edition:

Betheda Official mods:

Tamriel Rebuilt:

Morrowind Rebirth:

Galsiah's Character Development - Alternate Levelling System
What does it do: Link

Herb Harvesting:
Harb Harvest Patch:

Better Bodies:
Better Beast Bodies:
Better Clothes:
Better Robes:
Better More Clothes:

Darknut Armor:
Darknut Creatures:
Darknut Weapons:
Darknut Dwemer Ruins:
Azura Replacer:
Dagoth Ur Replacer:
Vivec God Replacer:
Almalexia Replacer:
Vivec God Voice:
Almalexia Voice:
Dagoth Ur Voice:

Morrowind Multiplayer Community
The Morrowind Online is currently in an early Alpha state, slating a possible rebuild eventually reaching a feature complete state when OpenMW hits version 1.0

Added Later:
Better Factor's Estate:
OpenMW Multi Mark and Recall:
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Oblivion Lite Mod List for Quick Set-Up

Your MAIN Oblivion Folder Under Steam
Oblivion Script Extender -
Extract into the same folder and run it to patch Oblivion
Oblivion 4GB Patcher -
Extract into the same Folder
ENB For Oblivion:
Overwrite the ENB's INI file with this:
EnBOOST for Oblivion:
Go into the Oblivion Launcher and make sure HDR is turned on
Bloom is turned off.
Antialaising is turned off.

People have reported issues with NMM and certain mods.

If your version of NMM can't properly install Unique Landscapes or Enhanced Economy try installing through Oblivion Mod Manager or Wrye Bash instead.

Install these with a Mod Manger or into your Data Folder:
Oblivion Unofficial Patch:
Shivering Isles Patch:
DLC Patches:

Enhanced Economy:
Better Cities:
Unique Landscapes:
Unique Landscapes + Better Cities Patch:
Disable xulCorrolHighland.esp in your plugin list, replace with:
Unique Landscapes - Chorrol Hinterland -
Use the Better cities version from the DOWNLOAD LIST.

Unique Landscapes and Better Cities will break saved games in progress, so only use with a new run.

Alternate Beginnings:
Kvatch Rebuilt:

Character Overhaul:
Character Overhaul Patches: Enable for any Unofficial patches you may be using. Don't enable for any you aren't using. 

Mannimarco Revisited:
Mannimarco Resurrection:

Elven Map Redux:
Elven Map Shivering Isles:

Crime has Witness:
Crime has Witness Tweak:
Put it in it's place:

Optional (Will make the game much harder if installed properly):
Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul:
READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE MOD PAGE, especially the ones in orange, install that, then the update linked here.

Optional extra work required:
Oblivion Mod Manager:
Darnified UI:


Make sure that BetterCities.ESP is the bottom file on the load order. Do this manually if you have to.
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Sonia Build for Skyrim

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New Morrowind Modlist

Alright folks, this time I'm NOT using MGSO, built a load order myself. Now this was something I cobbled together really quick, so I didn't have time to label the URLs, but here are all the URLs of the mods I used.

I have no idea how stable the load order is, but I'm going to tell you I used the Morrowind Code Patch to Uncap the game, so now

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Morrowind Modlist

Not that much has changed since my last Morrowind run, a newer computer has allowed me to increase the settings of Morrowind Graphics Extender. I've also been able to install the brand new Morrowind Code Patch, allowing skills and stats to be UNCAPPED, allowing you to gain any number of levels. There are many other benefits, but this loadout is entirly untested, and confirmed to not work with OLD save games. So, we are going to be starting from scratch and see if this'll work for us.

Official Bethesda Plugins:
Morrowind Graphics Extender XE -
NEW Morrowind Code Patch
Multiple Mark & Recall Teleports -
Install and Run the molx tool (Load Order Optimizer):
Tamriel Rebuilt -
Sotha Sil Expanded (trainwiz) -
Multiple Mark & Recall Teleports -
Style Combat (NOTE: The Chrome Browser may NOT accept the download, IE or Firefox may be required.)
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Modernizing Morrowind

Working on this page

Step 1 - Install These Plugins into your Morrowind/Data Files folder first.
Sotha Sil Expanded (trainwiz) -
The Undead -
Tamriel Rebuilt -
Multiple Mark & Recall Teleports -

Step 2 - Install the Following Packages in this order.

Morrowind Overhaul -
Morrowind Overhaul Fixes -

Step 3 - Install the NEW Morrowind Graphics Extender XE - be sure to Re-Generate distant land.

Step 4 - Install the NEW Morrowind Code Patch

Step 5 - Install and Run the molx tool (Load Order Optimizer):

Step 6 - Install the Oblivion Style Combat - Oblivion Style Combat (NOTE: The Chrome Browser may NOT accept the download, IE or Firefox may be required.)

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Skyrim City Enhancement Mods V1

A lot of people have been asking about what I thought about HOLDS for Skyrim, the new mod that overhauls things. I've included my responses to this EARLY, version 0.0.1 of the mod in my video.

Option 1 - HOLDS (Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.1)

Option 2 - JK Cities (Looks Good, Hard on Performance)
All in One -

Option 3 - Towns and Cities Enhanced (Modular)
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Extras for Options 2 and 3
Helgen Reborn -
Winterhold Rebuild -
Legendary Cities -
Oakwood -
Oakwood + Hearthfire Patch (use both mods) -
Windhelm Pit Fighter Faction -
Pit Fighter Travels Expansion Pack -
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Relic Hunter - Non Requiem, Non Survival

Unoffical Legendary Patch -
Extensible Follower Framework -
Quick Loot -
Immersive First Person View -
Harvest Overhaul -
Better Message Box Controls -
Wearable Lanterns -
Rude Imperial Escort Fix -

Timing is Everything -
All Thieves Guild Jobs Concurrently -
The Eloquent Reader -
Caliente’s Body Mod - CBBE (Select the Non-Nude Version) -
Better Males (Select the Non-Nude Version) -
Imaginator (+15 Saturation, +15 Contrast, +1 Low Bloom, +0.2 Cool Midnight, +0.1 Warm Desaturation)  -
Bags and Pouches Upgrade -
Bethesda replace /w Dreamcast -
Victoria G Loadscreens -
Tamriel Reloaded Texture Pack (Follow instructions closely) -
Realstic Lighting Overhaul -
Enhanced Blood Textures -
Realistic Smoke and Embers -
Ruffled Feather (W.A.T.E.R.) -
Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2k -
Better Mage Robe Textures -
Book of Silence (Better Textures) -

Adventures & Collectables

Atherium Weapons and Armor -
Cloaks for Requiem Complete -
Knights of the Nine Battlemage -
Undeath Immersive Lichdom -
Immersive College of Winterhold -
Legendary Cities (Elder Scrolls 1) -
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul -
Clothing and Clutter Fixes -
Complete Crafting Overhaul -
Timing is Everything Patch -

Alternate Start: Live Another Life -

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